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Brewing Guides & More

Which countries drink the most coffee? The answer might surprise you

Though coffee’s origins are believed to have been in the wild coffee tree forests of Ethiopia’s highlands, coffee has certainly found more than a home elsewhere around the world. Today we will look at what countries consume the most coffee based on consumption per person. The numbers and who is...

What is Peaberry Coffee?

In the world of coffee, one can discover all sorts of rare, exotic, and interesting things. Decaf coffee beans galore, new coffee concoctions hailing from Seoul to New York to Havana to Touba, coffee beans from elephant rubbish, or coffee cherry skins brewed into a sweet tea. One coffee rarity,...

What is Blue Mountain Coffee (and why is it so expensive)?

High up in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain range is a treasure. No, it's not money, gold, jewels, or anything like that! But instead, the treasure is coffee beans. A coffee bean that is one of the most expensive in the world; Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee beans. But what are these beans...

Can you eat coffee beans?

There is no doubt that coffee beans look, smell, and certainly brew to be delicious. But have you ever opened a bag of whole beans, been swept away in that wonderful and brilliant aroma, laid eyes upon those little brown beans and think, “hmmm, these look and smell good enough...

The A to Z of Drip Coffee Bags

Many have heard of drip coffee. Many have also heard of coffee bags. But have you ever heard of drip coffee bags? These handy, hearty, and delicious little innovations make for an interesting take on the pour-over experience. Today we are going to be learning a bit more about drip...

What can you do with you used coffee grounds?

So you have opened up that absurdly delectable bag of decaf coffee beans or standard coffee. The aroma, wafting into your nostrils and lighting up your mood. You grind your beans, with even more aroma, but also the satisfying sound of the crunching and cracking of beans. You brew your...

Ethiopia: The Birthplace of Coffee

Ethiopia is a beautiful and wonderful country, especially so for coffee lovers as it is the birthplace of all coffee beans! Ethiopia’s beans and coffee culture are like no other, and today we will learn a little bit more about some of Ethiopia’s most famous coffee beans

How to Brew Decaf with a Stovetop Coffee Maker

Espresso is one amazing way to enjoy coffee. But another illustrious mode of coffee is coffee prepared in the stovetop coffee pot, or as it is also known, a Moka pot! Moka pot coffee is a chic, fun, and very Italian way to enjoy your coffee. 

All About Portable Espresso

When most folks think of espresso to go they might imagine the almost comically tiny portable coffee cups that you can get from some cafes, especially ones found in Europe. While that is, quite literally, “portable espresso” we don’t mean the “Piccola” sized coffees that you can get while you’re...

How to Brew Pour Over Decaf Coffee

Coffee can come in many different shapes and forms. Some coffee lovers prefer to let the barista handle their brews, while others like to take their java into their own hands. For those seeking to do just that, we have the perfect brewing method for you: pour-over coffee! 

How to Brew Decaf with a Coffee Plunger

Coffee is truly an international treasure and one that defies national boundaries. This is great because coffee is so universal. But it can definitely be confusing when it comes to agreed-upon names! This is certainly no truer than with the coffee plunger. Or, as it is also known, the French...

How to Brew Cold Drip Decaf Coffee

If you are a fan of cold brew decaf coffee, then we have a real treat just for you! It is a take on cold brew but one that maintains a rich, complex, sweet, and truly delectable flavour and aroma palette. It is also free of any siltiness that may...