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Can you eat coffee beans?

Crunchy coffee?

There is no doubt that coffee beans look, smell, and certainly brew to be delicious. But have you ever opened a bag of whole beans, been swept away in that wonderful and brilliant aroma, laid eyes upon those little brown beans and think, “hmmm, these look and smell good enough to eat”? You are definitely not alone, and what's more is that you aren't the first person to think of snacking on coffee beans nor are you the only one who enjoys these crunchy little seeds as a treat. Whole beans have some handy health benefits and can be enjoyed with decaf coffee beans and standard coffee beans alike.

No beans about it

Here’s an experiment you can try right now at home. Go and grab your whole coffee beans, decaf or standard, whichever you prefer. Grab a bean, pop it in your mouth and crunch away. How's the taste? If you find it pleasant and as tasty and using beans to brew a cuppa, then go ahead and snack on a few more. 

Coffee beans make for a great little snack because yes, they are in fact edible. But the flavour may be a bit too bitter for some folks hence why one may find chocolate-dipped coffee beans or some such combinations out there to enjoy. You can even enjoy eating your decaf coffee beans!

Your decaf coffee beans and coffee beans, in general, are incredibly crunchy, so much so that you may find yourself going back for seconds! Eating your beans whole will give you a nice antioxidant boost and will also give you a nice caffeine lift. Though with your decaf coffee beans you can expect a bit less of a caffeine rush. The numerous health benefits a regular standard brewed cup of decaf or standard beans can yield are not lost when you snack on whole beans. For the most healthy option, feel free to munch on your beans right out of the bag. Some folks may find the plain beans a bit too woody, bitter, herbaceous, and dry. But this option is a healthier choice than snacking on chocolate covered beans. The reasons are of course connected to the chocolate covering which will add extra fat, sugar, and other ingredients that may counteract the many, many health benefits of coffee beans.

A different way to enjoy coffee

If you want a different mode of coffee, why not try a little snack in the form of munching on whole coffee beans? Whole beans are roasty, toasty, and very, very crunchy! You can munch on decaf coffee beans for a more mellow caffeine lift. Just make sure to enjoy in moderation, because even though whole beans possess great health benefits like antioxidants, too much caffeine may not be so keen for some folks. But, feel free to munch away in lieu of a regularly brewed cup of decaf coffee or regular coffee.