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What can you do with you used coffee grounds?

One person’s trash…

So you have opened up that absurdly delectable bag of decaf coffee beans or standard coffee. The aroma, wafting into your nostrils and lighting up your mood. You grind your beans, with even more aroma, but also the satisfying sound of the crunching and cracking of beans. You brew your coffee in your chosen way, perhaps you have prepared a superb cup of decaf coffee, or maybe a pour-over cup that was unveiled a fabulous coffee bloom, or maybe you are using your beans to whip up majestic espresso creations at home. But once you have drained your chosen cuppa, what is to be done with your coffee grounds? If your first thought is to throw them right into the rubbish bin, think again! There are some better and greener ways to use your coffee beans!

Green beans

One of the best ways to treat your garden or any of your potted plants is to enrich their soil with coffee grounds. Why? This is because coffee grounds help nurture the soil your plants are in and help them to thrive. Coffee grounds enrich the soil with beneficial nutrients that include potassium, calcium, nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and chromium. 

This isn’t all! Coffee grounds may help remove heavy metals from the soil that can be a detriment to plants and even attract earthworms. Earthworms do wonders for the soil and the health of your plants. Just sprinkle your grounds around your plant and let nature take its course!

Coffee grounds also make for a great component of your compost heap. It can boost the nutrients in your compost heap, just like it does with your garden soil. Some studies have found that it can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions from decomposing wastes.

An all-around cleanser

The nutrients, minerals, and vitamins found in coffee grounds can do wonders for your body, your plants, and even your face and hairline! Coffee grounds can be applied to one face for a great exfoliater, removing dead skin and giving your face a dose of caffeine and antioxidants.

It can also help improve the appearance of dark circles if you mix your grounds with some coconut oil or water to form a paste and apply for a few minutes. As for hair? There is some smashing news!

Caffeine can stimulate hair growth and help to slow down hair loss. All you have to do is use your grounds as a scrub on your scalp. This can help remove dirt and dead skin from your face and scalp. The results are healthier skin and hair. Just make sure to rinse your grounds off your face and out of your hair before you step out of the door!

Grounds can also be used to clean not just your face and scalp, but also to help scrub dishes and kitchenware. This one is also super simple, all you have to do is sprinkle your grounds and scrub your pots and pans as you normally would.

Can do away with odours

Coffee has another magic power. Another magical power coffee grounds possess is the ability to banish odd odours and smells. Not only can you use coffee grounds to scrub away odours and unpleasant scents, but you can also make some handy and keen deodorizers.

One can keep a dish or tray of coffee grounds in the fridge to soak up stronger odours. But one can also fill old pantyhose or socks with coffee grounds to use as a deodorizer for other things too. Your coffee ground baggies can be used to deodorize rooms, drawers, and even your gym bag or backpack. Not only does coffee have a brilliant aroma when it's brewed, but it can help your living quarters maintain a pleasant smell, too.

Your grounds don’t have to go in the rubbish bin!

The next time you are cleaning up after brewing don’t dump out your grounds! Instead, take your decaf coffee or standard coffee bean grinds and feel free to do something more creative and much greener than just tossing out your decaf or standard coffee grounds. Why not apply the grounds to your garden? Or whip up a handy facemask to cleanse and exfoliate your skin? Sometimes one person’s rubbish is another person’s deodorizer!