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Mountain Water Decaf Coffee

Nothing’s purer, cleaner, or more natural than the majestic peaks of a mountain, and that includes the water that flows from the regal summit down to the base! Now imagine that same refreshing mountain water washing away the caffeine from your coffee beans. Well, now you are starting to grasp the idea behind Mountain Water Decaf!

Water from mountain tops and green coffee beans are first soaked together, then the water is run through a filter. This filter snags all the caffeine but leaves all the rest of the good stuff. All the great coffee flavour and other health benefits get soaked back into the coffee beans later though, so no worries!

This interesting and natural method of decaffeinating coffee generally takes place in Mexico. It is here where the natural and pure waters found atop the Pico de Orizaba, which is the highest mountain in Mexico, are used to perfect this method of decaf preparation.


How the Mountain Water Decaf Process Works

This process bears some similarities with the Swiss Water decaf method but has some notable distinctions. First, green coffee beans, which are packed with caffeine, are soaked in some of the Pico de Orizaba’s crystal clear waters. This expunges most of the caffeine content, but also a lot of the other characteristics of the beans, too. But have no fear, those flavours come back later!

The next step of this process involves running the water, which is now loaded with caffeine and the coffee beans flavour and aroma palette, through an elaborate filtration system. This system helps to clear away about 99% of the caffeine originally found in the beans, but not jettisoning the flavour, aroma, and characteristics of the beans as a whole. The mountain water which now is also bearing the keen coffee flavours without the caffeine is added again to the beans. Now, the beans are to be dried, packaged, and shipped to be roasted and enjoyed.

Mountain Water Decaf beans maintain a clean, crisp, and remarkably solid body. Mountain Water Decaf beans are also still capable of conveying some more subtle hints, notes, flavours, and aromas that are indicative of a bean's place of origin. This makes Mountain Water beans a true treasure of the decaf world.

A Natural Way of Decaf

High up on Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba are springs of pure and clear water. These waters are used to purify delectable green coffee beans while risking none of the flavour, aroma, or character. Why not brew up a cup today and discover the mountains of flavour waiting for you!