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Offshoot Coffee

Popayan Decaf Coffee

This delicious decaf coffee has notes of caramel and tropical fruits. Offshoot Coffee's Popayan Decaf Coffee comes from a group of farms in the renowned Popayan region in Colombia. The growers sell the coffee as parchment before milling in Popayan. Next it travels to Caldas for decaffeination at DESFAECOL. Unlike many decaf coffees, this is a true specialty lot, one so good the team it surprised the team at the decaffeination plant. Decaffeinating in Colombia keeps added value in their economy. We're big fans of this one. Kudos to Offshoot!

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About the Roaster

Offshoot Coffee

Perth, WA 🇦🇺

Offshoot Coffee was established in 2018 in Perth, WA. Their roasting philosophy is simple – to source some of the most exclusive and unique coffees, and roast them with great attention to detail. To achieve the most consistent results and a clean cup, Offshoot's roaster of choice is a Loring S15 Falcon Smart Roaster. The Loring uses hot air as a form of heat transfer, which allows for great consistency. The hot air energy is then recycled to reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 80% relative to other traditional roasting systems. "From our producers to our customers we maintain a passion to create a flavour experience that transcends the cup and makes a bigger impact. It's knowing that this coffee has been cared for all the way through the supply chain. It's the relationships we build that makes it so special. Sometimes it feels like great coffee is just an excuse!" Rummy KeshetHead Roaster at Offshoot Coffee

No chemicals or additives


The Sugarcane Decaf process results in a delicious, subtly sweet coffee bean. First, natural sugarcane is used to make molasses which are then fermented to create ethanol. Ethanol is mixed with acetic acid (vinegar) and the beans are soaked for hours at low pressure until they swell up properly and reach their ideal moisture level--perfect for caffeine extraction! The ethyl acetate bonds with naturally occurring salts inside the unroasted beans extracting all of that wonderful caffeinated goodness out leaving you just as happy as can be!

This is Great Decaf Coffee

Fresh out of the roaster, expertly packaged and ready to brew. At Tasty Decafs we have partnered with specialty coffee roasters selling only the finest natural decaf coffee beans, decaf coffee bags, and Nespresso® compatible capsules.

We're all about great decaf coffee!


  • Free shipping on all orders?

    You bet! Customers in Australia, USA and the UK can enjoy free delivery on all orders. Now you've got no excuse for not adding some decaf to your day! What are you waiting for? 🥳

  • What does natural decaffeination mean?

    Natural decaffeination means that the caffeine in a coffee has been removed using all natural processes. The leading natural decaffeination processes currently being used are Swiss Water® Process, Mountain Water Process, Sugarcane Process, and CO2 Process. All our decaf coffees are naturally decaffeinated 😃

  • How long does roasted decaf coffee last?

    An unopened bag of roasted decaf coffee beans can last for up to 2-3 months, less if the beans have been pre-ground for you. The ideal time to enjoy your roasted decaf coffee is 7-21 days after the roast date, as roasted beans experience a 'degassing' phase after they have been roasted, during which time carbon dioxide is naturally released from the beans.

    The one-way valve that is common in most coffee packaging allows carbon dioxide to be released from the bag, while preventing oxygen and moisture from entering it. Once the degassing phase ends the beans begin absorbing oxygen. This process causes a slow and gradual decline in freshness and aroma.

    Personal taste and storage methods will also affect the freshness of decaf coffee beans. Coffee should be stored in an airtight bag or container, out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry area. 

  • How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

    The amount of residual caffeine in decaf coffee depends on the process that was used to decaffeinate the green coffee beans. We have found that the Swiss Water® Process and Mountain Water Process result in a 99% caffeine free coffee, while the Sugarcane Process and CO2 Process result in a 97% caffeine free coffee.

  • When are orders dispatched?

    Our decaf coffee roasters send coffee directly from their roasting facility to your home to guarantee freshness. This means that when your order contains decaf coffees from different roasters as part of the same order, each will ship separately.

    You will receive an email with tracking numbers once orders are dispatched.

    It's important to keep in mind that roasters have individual roasting schedules and most do not roast over the weekend. Orders are typically dispatched 24-48 hours after roasting.

  • Is decaf coffee safe for pregnant women?

    Current Australian Guidelines indicate that "Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children should restrict their caffeine intake."

    All decaf coffees on Tasty Decafs have all been decaffeinated using natural decaffeination processes, free of chemicals and additives, and are 97-99% caffeine free.

    Please note this information is not medical advice, and for advice on your specific needs you should always consult your medical practitioner.

Less caffeine

Enjoy the Benefits of Decaf Coffee

Coffee is a wonderfully exciting drink that can be the perfect addition to any morning routine. However, as with all things in life there are two sides of the story. Those who enjoy coffee may experience anxiety or chronic insomnia from drinking it too much and find themselves craving an alternative for their addiction! Luckily, you don't have to miss out on your favorite beverage because decaf coffee has been created just for people like us- those looking for something without caffeine but still want some flavor at our breakfast table every day (or a delicious drink to enjoy in the afternoons and evenings). In order to reduce adverse effects associated with caffeinated drinks such as feeling stressed throughout the day and experiencing disrupted sleep patterns after years of consumption; many individuals substitute one regular cup per week by enjoying a delicious tasting decaffeinated brew instead.