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The Best Decaf Coffee Beans in the UK 2021

What are the best decaf coffee beans in the UK we hear you ask?

Decaf coffee in the United Kingdom has been slowly and steadily entering the mainstream thanks to natural decaffeination processes that retain all the good stuff we love about coffee, while removing those caffeine jitters. With each decaf coffee's unique flavour characteristics retained, more and more people are enjoying decaf coffees in an effort to reduce their caffeine intake.

Almost all of our specialty coffee roasters here on Tasty Decafs report that they're seeing a steady increase in decaf coffee sales to health conscious customers looking to reduce their caffeine intake.

So, how does one go about choosing the best decaf coffee when there are many incredible options to choose from?

When you browse our UK collection of roasted decaf coffee beans you'll see a filter titled "Coffee tastes like". This allows you to filter the list of decaf coffees using the flavours that you prefer.

The UK's Best Decaf Coffees in 2021

Here's our list of some of the best decaf coffee beans in the UK in 2021.

Chipp Coffee Co.

One of our favourite decaf coffees! Villa María situated not far from the El Fénix community wet mill and farm and is one of the main drying stations in Chinchiná, Caldas. The station currently represents the harvests of 30 coffee producing families in the surrounding area of Jamaica in the area of Villarazo, sitting at altitudes higher than the drying station itself. As Villa María sits at a lower altitude, it is better suited to the processing of honey and natural coffees due to the hotter temperatures found here.

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We Are Here

THAT decaf coffee

Believe us when we say we've tried LOTS of decaf coffees over the years, and this one from We Are Here is one of our personal favourites. We won't go into the details. It is quite simply a must-try! Enjoy it with or without milk. Either way, it'll forever change the way you perceive decaf coffee. Grab yourself a bag (or two!)

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Revolution Coffee Roasters

Decaf coffee by Revolution Coffee Roasters

We think this decaf coffee is pretty special, it is a flavour packed decaffeinated, double fermented brew.

The double fermentation starts from ripe hand picked cherries, 12-18 hours dry fermentation followed by a wet anaerobic fermentation of 24-36 hours, before being pulped, fully washed and bed dried for 12-18 days, this coffee takes some special care and attention, and gets rewarded with an SCA score of 84.75pts.

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HEJ Coffee

This delightful decaf coffee from HEJ COFFEE has hints of molasses, red plum, and biscuit when brewed as espresso, or if you prefer your decaf coffee with milk you might also detect some milk chocolate, salted caramel, and dried fruits. Simply divine!

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Jack & The Beans Coffee Co,


A blend of 100% Guatemalan Arabica, this coffee offers notes of zingy citrus fruits and tangy green apple, whilst being wonderfully balanced by undertones of sweet, smooth caramel. If you can get past the lack of the caffeine buzz, this is a superb coffee.

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Balance Coffee

We all know the downsides of drinking too much caffeinated coffee, but that doesn't stop us from craving its flavours. This decaf coffee from Balance Coffee is a perfect substitute for those who want to reap the deliciousness with none of the side effects. No matter your taste preference, this coffee will hit you right in your sweet spot and make you feel beautiful inside and out.

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Coffee Bay Cyrmu

Blended from medium and dark roasted Colombian beans. One of Coffee Bay’s most sought after decaf coffees. An all-rounder, so suits as an espresso as well as filter. Low in acidity with sumptuous body. Full of flavour and body with hints of indulgent biscuit and fig. We think you'll love these decaf coffee beans!

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Coffee Flamingo

Start your afternoons with a flavourful, smooth, and balanced decaf coffee. When you need caffeine but don’t want the jitters often associated with a regular cup of coffee, this Mountain Water decaf is for you. It's got rich notes of sweetness and nuts for an exceptional drinking experience without all the negatives that come from consuming caffeinated coffee.

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Cannon Coffee Roasters

Colombia Huila coffee won't drag you down. Take the edge off your day with these Columbian decaf coffee beans, rich without being too dark. It's great for anyone trying to cut back on caffeine, relax a little bit before bedtime, or just wanting something different. Mild and clean with citric acidity and chocolate notes.

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Bohemia Roasts

Decaf. It's a first date, a first kiss, a first coffee break. After all this time together it seems you've finally grown tired of caffeine and seek your sanity back from the other side. And guess what? It turns out that decaffeinated coffees taste just as amazing as regular ones!

Decaf coffee is not some sad, flavorless funk you drink when the real thing isn’t an option anymore. Decaf can be fruity, nutty, and full of life.

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St Martin's Coffee Roasters

Tired of bland, poor quality decaf coffee? So were we! That's why St Martin's Coffee Roasters worked with their raw coffee partner to source the tastiest decaf coffee around. They landed on a Sugar Cane Processed bean from Colombia. This method is often referred to as Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee. Expect big flavors of Blackcurrant, Brown Sugar and Cocoa! Tasty by name, tasty by nature! A perfect fit!

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Mission Coffee Works

The name says it all. This delicious decaf coffee is everything you love about coffee, sans caffeine. The coffee beans have been decaffeinated using the Sugarcane Process. Tastes like sweet fruity chocolate. Yum!!!

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