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Tasty Decafs Canada

Decaf Coffee Subscription


Welcome to the Best Decaf Coffee Subscription in Canada.

Enjoy delicious decaf coffee on your schedule, from specialty coffee roasters all across the country. Tasty Canada is our decaf coffee subscription for decaf coffee devotees, and includes the biggest and best selection of roasted decaf coffee beans in Canada. From east to west, we've done the hard work and found the nation's tastiest decaf coffee beans.

As a subscriber of our decaf coffee subscription you will receive a new freshly roasted decaf coffee from one of our roaster partners weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, it's up to you!

Explore tantalizing flavors, single origins and blends, from specialty coffee roasters all over Canada. You'll discover new favorites along the way and learn the subtle differences between decaf coffees that have been decaffeinated using the Sugarcane Decaf Process, Mountain Water Process, and Swiss Water® Process

As a bonus, as a subscriber you will enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all coffees delivered to you as part of your decaf coffee subscription.


This product is currently unavailable.

Canadian Specialty Roasters

Delicious decaf coffee on your schedule

We've partnered with Canada's best specialty coffee roasters to bring you the nation's biggest selection of decaf coffee. Receive decaf coffee on your schedule, freshly roasted and delivered to your door. Choose from weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or bi-monthly subscriptions. Find a favourite decaf coffee that you'd like to purchase on subscription? All decaf coffees on Tasty Decafs are available as subscriptions.

No chemicals or additives

100% Natural Decaf Coffee

Delicious, all natural decaf coffees are here. All our decaf coffee roaster partners craft their decaf coffees using green beans that have been decaffeinated using 100% natural decaffeination methods: Sugarcane Decaf Process, Mountain Water Process, Swiss Water Process.

This is Great Decaf Coffee

Fresh out of the roaster, expertly packaged and ready to brew. At Tasty Decafs we have partnered with specialty coffee roasters selling only the finest natural decaf coffee beans, decaf coffee bags, and Nespresso® compatible capsules.

We're all about great decaf coffee!


  • Free shipping on all orders?

    You bet! Customers in Australia, USA and the UK can enjoy free delivery on all orders. Now you've got no excuse for not adding some decaf to your day! What are you waiting for? 🥳

  • What does natural decaffeination mean?

    Natural decaffeination means that the caffeine in a coffee has been removed using all natural processes. The leading natural decaffeination processes currently being used are Swiss Water® Process, Mountain Water Process, Sugarcane Process, and CO2 Process. All our decaf coffees are naturally decaffeinated 😃

  • How long does roasted decaf coffee last?

    An unopened bag of roasted decaf coffee beans can last for up to 2-3 months, less if the beans have been pre-ground for you. The ideal time to enjoy your roasted decaf coffee is 7-21 days after the roast date, as roasted beans experience a 'degassing' phase after they have been roasted, during which time carbon dioxide is naturally released from the beans.

    The one-way valve that is common in most coffee packaging allows carbon dioxide to be released from the bag, while preventing oxygen and moisture from entering it. Once the degassing phase ends the beans begin absorbing oxygen. This process causes a slow and gradual decline in freshness and aroma.

    Personal taste and storage methods will also affect the freshness of decaf coffee beans. Coffee should be stored in an airtight bag or container, out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry area. 

  • How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

    The amount of residual caffeine in decaf coffee depends on the process that was used to decaffeinate the green coffee beans. We have found that the Swiss Water® Process and Mountain Water Process result in a 99% caffeine free coffee, while the Sugarcane Process and CO2 Process result in a 97% caffeine free coffee.

  • When are orders dispatched?

    Our decaf coffee roasters send coffee directly from their roasting facility to your home to guarantee freshness. This means that when your order contains decaf coffees from different roasters as part of the same order, each will ship separately.

    You will receive an email with tracking numbers once orders are dispatched.

    It's important to keep in mind that roasters have individual roasting schedules and most do not roast over the weekend. Orders are typically dispatched 24-48 hours after roasting.

  • Is decaf coffee safe for pregnant women?

    Current Australian Guidelines indicate that "Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children should restrict their caffeine intake."

    All decaf coffees on Tasty Decafs have all been decaffeinated using natural decaffeination processes, free of chemicals and additives, and are 97-99% caffeine free.

    Please note this information is not medical advice, and for advice on your specific needs you should always consult your medical practitioner.

Less caffeine

Enjoy the Benefits of Decaf Coffee

We all love our morning coffee, but after years of drinking caffeine we realized that it was ruining our sleep and stressing out our the bodies! Substituting one cup of your normal caffeinated brew with a natural decaf can greatly benefit you by providing an alternative to help improve broken sleep cycles. You'll feel less anxiety and stress while also reducing the amount of caffeine in your system, thereby reducing your dependency. Go on, add some delicious decaf coffee to your afternoons.